The Sakina Ghulam Rasul High School follows the Board of Secondary Education, Faisalabad prescribed curriculum. However, we enrich student education through various national and international educational practices.

Early Childhood Education and Development Programme (ECED)
A four-year Early Childhood Education and Development programme facilitates development during a child’s crucial growing years (3 – 7 years). This programme is carried through an innovative curriculum, a caring environment and child-focused pedagogy. Children are encouraged to explore and nurture their potential in the following learning areas:

  • Early Exploration and Concept Building
  • Childcare, Social and Moral Development
  • Artistic and Musical Development
  • Language and Literacy
Junior & Senior Curriculum

An eight-year junior secondary programme provides several exciting, inspiring and thought-provoking opportunities for students to enhance their knowledge, skills and attitudes in the following areas

  • Language Development (English, Urdu and Provincial/Local)
  • Logical-Mathematical Development
  • Development of the knowledge and understanding of the environment and the world
  • Development of the aesthetic sense through Arts and other modes
  • Moral Development
  • Social and Personal Development
  • Health and Physical Development
  • Development of Critical Thinking
Our Curriculum: A Blend of Global and Local Excellence
  • Prep to 5th Standard: We adopt the Oxford syllabus, offering a broad, globally-informed education while nurturing foundational skills.

  • 6th to 10th Standard: Transitioning to the PTB syllabus, we ensure alignment with national educational standards, focusing on comprehensive subject knowledge.

  • English & Maths (6th, 7th, 8th Standard): Enhanced learning with the Oxford syllabus, providing an international perspective in these critical subjects.

  • 9th and 10th Standard: Deepening knowledge with the PTB syllabus, preparing students for higher education, and future challenges.

We also offer an innovative curriculum in Artificial Intelligence, equipping students with cutting-edge skills and knowledge for the digital future.

At Sakina GRS, your child’s wellbeing, academic and personal development is paramount. Which is why we ensure that each child is catered with top-most educational facilities and an advanced curriculum.


Developing critical thinking and analysis is the core of our School’s mission. We also encourage students to respect and appreciate other cultures, social structures, values and beliefs. As a whole, these objectives are designed to help equip children with the tools they will need to make their way in school, society and an increasingly interdependent world.


The School curriculum strives to create a harmonious balance between academic demands, sporting, cultural activities and community life. It challenges the pupils to be intellectually inquisitive and socially conscious. We believe that while what students know is necessary, the true measure of a student’s education is the ability to analyse what they do not know.


Education is no longer treated as individual subjects such as Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology or Economics. Instead, similar subjects are clustered and redefined as a learning area bringing a holistic approach to education.


At Sakina GRS, we prioritise holistic growth. Our weekly exercise sessions enhance physical fitness, while regular safety drills ensure preparedness and awareness. Additionally, our health awareness programmes address issues like dengue and other health concerns, educating students on prevention and safety, and fostering a well-rounded, health-conscious school community.

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Opening Hours

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